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Ireland’s contribution to the world of crystal is the venerable Waterford Company. They mostly make glass wear but do sell very traditional chandeliers made with their signature crystal. Waterford is known for their wood mold technique of making crystal, which requires a great deal of craftsman skill and attention to detail. Waterford does not currently sell their chandelier crystal as parts to third-party artisans, so the only place you really get Waterford chandelier crystal is on Waterford chandeliers.


Murano glass is often mentioned in the same sentence with some of the finest chandeliers in the world, and it’s confusing to realize that Murano glass is not, strictly speaking, crystal. It is blown glass from Murano, Italy, an island adjacent to Venice. Over the centuries the master craftsmen of Murano developed a number of glass blowing techniques that are still used today. Technically, only glass blown on the tiny island of Murano itself can be called Murano glass, though you wouldn’t know it from the widespread abuse of that term amongst unscrupulous marketers. It denotes a very traditional style of chandelier.


Rock cut crystal is naturally occurring clear form of quartz that is mined from the earth. Rock crystal isn’t optically pure, and you wouldn’t want it to be. It is full of veins and natural occlusions, all of which makes it all the more interesting. Rock crystals themselves tend to be thick and bulky, and are often paired with very traditional chandeliers — true to the time and place where rock crystal was originally quarried: in the Bohemia section of central Europe in the Eighteenth Century. It is an expensive but potentially very interesting addition to a chandelier. If you are using rock crystal, make sure that the design of your fixture isn’t competing with the interesting nature of the rock crystal. The rock crystal should be the star of the show and shouldn’t be paired with busy, over-designed fixtures.

Post time: Dec-06-2022