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Glass handicraft making method

Glass handicraft production method is blowing glass, another is blowing molding method. It is to take out the right amount of glass solution, put in one end of iron blow tube, blow air at the same time, rotate at the same time, and with skilled skills, use scissors or pliers, make its molding. Here is how to make glass crafts.

There are many kinds. Generally the main ingredient is sodium glass; Potassium glass, glass is mainly composed of silica sand, soda ash, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, lime and bauxite, lead etc.. Bottle glass; Lead glass, instrument glass belongs to. Silicon in Hsinchu is produced in the Kansai region, but in recent years, the iron content is high and the quality is not good, so most of it is still imported from Australia and Malaysia. First of all, silica sand, lime, soda ash and other crucible in the furnace, fourteen hundred and fifty degrees Celsius high temperature for sixteen hours, to be mixed and melted into thick liquid, placed on the mold, make it take shape, and then after twelve hours of slow cooling add type processing. During the period of sandblasting, color, embedded gold foil, grinding, carving, liquid medicine immersion and other decorative skills. And in the firing of the use of a variety of metal hair agent, made into the glass has a different color.

Glass process forming method:

To cool and form glass, glass generally forms a viscous liquid after burning and dissolving. Most used type method, using a variety of material models, such as wood, clay, metal in advance into the required type, the melting glass liquid into the model, to open the model, namely again after cooling is generally used in glass blowing cannot be made, most of the factories are using this method, can be mass production.

Post time: Mar-15-2022