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20 Tips of Doing With Recycled Glass Candle Jars C1

Chapter 1st  of 20 Tips of Doing With Recycled Glass Candle Holder

We’ve shown you how to clean out your old candle jars, so now we want to share some ideas on how to use those empty containers. Many of these uses could be used with Glass candle holdersthat came with lids, but if you don’t have one then simply cover where necessary with plastic wrap or tin foil.

#1 DIY Body Scrub Jars

Make your own body scrub by mixing 1 part granulated sugar with 2 parts coconut oil and adding in some lavender essential oil and pure vanilla extract or any other essential oils that you like. Then scrub it on in the shower!

#2 Make A New Candle From Old Wax

We showed you how to remove old wax in our last candle video, so you can simply take all that wax and add it to one jar, insert a wick and you have a whole new candle.

#3 Add New Wax For A New Candle

You can purchase wax at any craft store and just melt it down and add it to an empty jar, insert a wick and you have a brand new candle for much less than a one would cost at a specialty store.

#4 Add A Tea Light

Drop a tea light into the  candle holder to create a nice visual effect to be used indoor or out. And if you want to get really creative, you can even take a clear   candle holder and paint the glass before dropping in the light.

#5 Liquor Glasses

Glass candle holdersare often made of thick, beautiful glass which in turn makes an excellent glass for liquor or otherwise. Start collecting these jars and you will soon have an eclectic collection that will look great at your next dinner party.

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Post time: Dec-16-2022