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Glass handicraft

Glass handicrafts, also known as glass handicrafts, are products of artistic value that are processed from glass raw materials or semi-finished products by hand. It fully embodies human creativity and artistry, it comes from life, but higher than life.

Glass crafts are generally divided into molten glass crafts, lamp workers glass crafts, glass crafts three categories, often used as decorative materials or high-grade business gifts.

Glass handicraft subdivision refers to glass pendant, glass Christmas gifts, glass fruit series, glass flower branch series, glass animal series, glass candy series, glass wine stick series, glass vase, glass beads, glass candlestick, glass wire drawing pieces and other glass products.

Most of the glass crafts are made by hand, carving, wax casting method, after many mold turns, pouring molding. For example, the glass handicrafts of lamp workers are made of glass rods with six colors as the main materials. Oxygen and liquefied gas are used to heat the glass rods, so that the heated rods quickly melt. Then, the operators use pliers, blades and other small tools to carry out the whole process of shaping each product.

Nowadays, people savour tall, vitreous handicraft also gets more and more people chase after in both hands, it is the adornment in the home of ordinary people promoted grade and artistic feeling. Venice is the famous origin of glass crafts, although glass art is a few rich people luxury, but in recent years, to Venice travel to purchase glass art of The Chinese increase, The Chinese buy huge potential, China’s consumer market has a huge potential to be excavated. Moreover, after the liquor plasticizer incident, consumers gradually realized that using glass products is healthy consumption, using glass products is a kind of enjoyment, glass crafts are not as perfect as mechanical products, so there may be small differences between the same products, but this is also their touching point.

Post time: Mar-15-2022